Lighthouse Keepers

About these pages...

This site is part of fifty years of work by pharologist Ken Trethewey. He has been collecting material about lighthouses and lighthouse keepers since 1965 when he discovered that he was a descendant of the famous Knott family of lighthouse keepers. With the help of his brother, Clifford, Ken built a database of lighthouse keepers and information that has already proved to be priceless since the automation of lighthouses and the end of the lighthouse-keeping tradition.

Ken Trethewey wishes to thank the many people who have contributed memoirs written by their family members. Without exception, these people have sought to publicise the amazing work done by their families in the service of sea safety.

Today, the interests of lighthouse keepers are preserved in the UK by a very active group known as the Association of Lighthouse Keepers (ALK). This is NOT a Trade Union, but is a charitable organization that welcomes members from all over the world and publishes a splendid quarterly journal. Details can be found here.